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Auszeichnung des deutschen Innovationsinstituts als Arbeitgeber der Zukunft und Auszeichnung zur Top Company 2023 von Kununu

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We’re convinced: Digitalization is key to a sustainable energy market. Help us stand up to the big energy companies and let us do energy better: For our customers, our planet, our future.


Backend Developer (m/w/d)



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Octopus Energy as Employer

Our Vision

By 2027 we want to have 100 million energy accounts on our Kraken technology platform.

Our Promise

We help to save money and protect the climate with fair and transparent tariffs.

Our Secret Weapon

Our IT platform Kraken which can automate large parts of the energy supply chain thanks to AI and data science.

Our Background

We’re part of the Octopus Energy Group which already supplies over 3 million customers worldwide with green energy.

How we work

230626_OEG Team (1)

Whether head-of or intern: From the very first day, we take responsibility for our tasks and our decisions- as well as  for our clients and our planet.

We are excited about today's technological developments and are creating technologies that will play a major role in shaping the future of tomorrow's industry.

230626_OEG Team
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Only with the right information can we make the right decisions. That's why we communicate openly and transparently.

We create a safe working environment by trusting and respecting each other. We work with the basic assumption that each of us has only the best intentions in mind.

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Our Benefits

Hybrid Work

We rely on flexible working hours and hybrid work - even after the pandemic.


One less worry: We contribute to the cost of childcare.

Public Transport

For a relaxed commute: We’ll reimburse you for the cost of public transport to and from work.

Meal Subsidy

Eating makes you happy: We provide you with an allowance for your daily lunch.

Employee Discounts

Green energy starts with each of us: That's why you’ll get discounted conditions on our electricity or gas tariffs.

Share Options

For your bank account: You have the opportunity to participate in the international success of Octopus Energy through Octopus Energy Holding Ltd. share options.

Bike Leasing

Work out on your way to the office: There is no faster and greener way to get to work than by bike. We offer you bike leasing via our Partner Eleasa.

Health & Fitness

Stay healthy: To help you stay in shape and live a healthy life, we subsidize a membership for our partner Wellpass. Check out what they can offer in your region.

Retirement Provision

It's never too early: Thinking about retirement is important. To help you with this, we provide you the option to settle an employer-funded pension.


Reach out to our talent team

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Sabrina Borke
Team Lead Talent Acquisition

Julian Schreiber

Julian Schreiber
Talent Acquisition Manager

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Fabienne Göbel
Talent Acquisition Managerin

Your Future Workplace

Work in the heart of Berlin or Munich. In addition to meeting rooms, sofa corners and telephone boxes, there’s a coffee bar, a roof terrace and a wide range of benefits: from bagel breakfasts and gin tastings to rental bicycles and yoga classes.

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The office in Munich

August-Everding-Straße 25
81671 München

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The office in Berlin

Prinzessinnenstraße 19 / 20
10969 Berlin

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Take a look behind the scenes

Krakendompteurin: Fred ist Tech-Team-Lead bei Octopus

Frederike Jäger leitet das Tech Team bei Octopus Energy Germany. Dem Team ist sie besser als Fred bekannt, das ist kurz und unkompliziert.

👩‍💻 Talente für die Energiewende finden | Als Talent Acquisition Managerin bei Octopus Energy

Als Senior Talent Acquisition Managerin ist Sabrina eine erste Ansprechpartnerin für neue Teammitglieder. Im Interview erzählt sie, warum sie ihren Job liebt und wie sie die besten Talente mit Herzblut findet.

Sommerfest 2021: Octopus Energy Germany unterwegs im Allgäu 🏔

Endlich wieder Team-Event! Im Juli war es soweit, das gesamte OEG-Team machte sich auf den Weg ins Allgäu 😍😍

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