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Flexible Futures - Harnessing flexibility to replace fossil fuels

Munich, in person, 27-28 April 2023, English speaking
Octopus Energy Office - Munich East Station

Why Attend

We are facing an epoch-defining moment in energy. Just as we are transforming how we generate power, we are changing how we use it. Around the world, grid operators and jurisdictions are taking different approaches; DSOs and TSOs have different solutions. This workshop is about sharing those diverse approaches, and challenging the providers of flexibility to deliver useful services to grid. It aims to identify how we can jointly take on the challenge of building a net zero electricity system. Let’s learn from best practices and exchange ideas together!

Confirmed Speakers

Greg Jackson
Logo der Firma Octopus Energy

Greg Jackson
Octopus Energy

Alex Schoch
Logo der Firma Octopus Energy

Alex Schoch
Head of Flexibility
Octopus Energy

Chris Peeters
Logo der Firma elia group

Chris Peeters
Elia Group

David Wildash
Logo der Firma National Grid ESO

David Wildash
Head of Market Operations
National Grid ESO

Alida Jansen van Vuuren
Logo der Firma Ausgrid

Alida Jansen van Vuuren
Head of DSO

Sotiris Georgiopoulos
Logo der Firma UK Power Networks

Sotiris Giorgiopolous
Director of Distribution System Operator
UK Power Networks

Luca Marchisio
Logo der Firma Terna

Luca Marchisio
Head of System Strategy
Terna SpA

Jochen Bammert
Logo der Firma Transnet BW

Dr. Jochen Bammert
Transnet BW

Lars Nolting
Logo der Firma Tennet TSO

Lars Nolting
Project Manager
TenneT TSO

Pedro Matos_EREDES
Logo der Firma E-Redes

Pedro Godinho Matos
Head Of Business Development - Associate Director of Strategy and Regulation

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (3)
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (1)

Adam Bain
Whole System Development Manager (DSO)

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Amandine Leroux

Amandine Leroux

Manager Consumer-Centric Market Design and Balancing Services Elia Group


David Zenner

Head Of Customers Elia Group


Oliver Franz

Vice President European Associations E.ON SE

Who's Attending

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Logo der Firma Mobility House
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Octopus Office, Munich

August-Everding-Straße 25
81671 München

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Want to attend? Please contact

Marcia Poletti

Marcia Poletti
Head of European System Change